Musgrave Landing is a great place to pull in for lunch and a nap.

One of our favourite lunch stops in the Gulf Islands is Musgrave Landing, a small dock on Saltspring Island in the southeast corner of Sansum Narrows. It has only 46m (150 ft.) of moorage but we have always found room to tie up. In fact, we are often the only boat there.

At the top of the dock there are wooden trails to the left leading out to the top of a rocky point that provides a lovely view down Saanich Inlet. Nearby Musgrave Farm was the home of sailors Brigadier Miles and Beryl Smeeton who wrote a number of books about their adventures sailing around the globe.

It’s quiet and protected there, the perfect spot for lunch and a nap. Sometimes we have company at the dock. The last time we pulled in another boat arrived from Genoa Bay. They had been prawning and shared their surplus with us, already cooked! That night we had a lovely avocado/tomato/prawn salad for dinner, dressed with lime infused olive oil from The Olive Station in Duncan.

Author: Mary Anne Hajer

My husband, Frank, and I are both retired teachers. We were in our fifties when we first set foot on a sailboat. Five years later we bought our Fraser 30, the Zephyr, and began spending our summers sailing the Salish Sea. Doing so has enriched our lives beyond measure.

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